Journée de l'Economie

29 and 30 April 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a difference for your business and your stakeholders

A deep-dive into some concrete challenges for corporates, with a special focus on the green transition


The regulatory agenda around ESG has some upcoming hard deadlines and the impact on the financial sector is high. Luxembourg, due to the size and the international prominence of its financial centre, is right in the middle of what some qualify as a true paradigm shift. Even though the EU has been a clear frontrunner on this topic, the election of Joe Biden as US President has already entailed renewed clear commitments towards climate change from the US as well.

An angle which is often overlooked is what all of this means in practice for the businesses in the real economy which are the ultimate recipients of the financial flows intermediated by the financial sector.

If you are running an operational business (whatever the industry), you are probably wondering which aspects of this transition can have a big impact on you.

This year, our annual conference brings together leading names from the worlds of business, academia and politics to discuss and debate some critical issues linked more specifically with the environmental transition embedded in the push towards a more sustainable future.

We have chosen to examine the following 3 topics in depth:

  1. Taxonomy (reporting) perspective: the final EU Taxonomy regulation is a key milestone for a wide range of stakeholders and policymakers. But what exactly does it address? How will an operational business be measured with regard to the environmental sustainability of its activities and what are the likely practical impacts and constraints?
  2. Tax perspective: can taxation be used as a catalyst towards a greener economy? Is it better to use a "stick" or a "carrot"? Which taxation models are used today to help this transition? Are there new models we can think of that have not already been implemented?
  3. Energy perspective: why is sustainable energy a central part of a greener economy? How will reduced global energy intensity and the expanded use of renewable energy contribute to meeting the demand for energy services, while mitigating carbon emissions and limiting the damage to the environment? What are the EU and UK climate goals and the realistic options for ‘net zero’? What are the implications and options for a small open economy like Luxembourg?

The first day will welcome keynote speeches tackling those 3 areas, while the second day will enable you to take a closer look at the topics in elective workshops, ask questions and give you the opportunity to listen to a panel debate on the specific impacts for Luxembourg and Luxembourg businesses run by the Fedil, especially regarding the energy transition.

You will also be able to hear the very personal testimony of John Parkhouse, CEO of PwC Luxembourg, on the challenges of PwC's sustainability transformation as well as the key outcomes of the Consensus Economique run by Fondation IDEA.

Hear from an exceptional line-up of speakers, including insights from:

  • Mireille Martini, Policy Analyst, OECD Environment Directorate
  • Dr Stefan Speck, Economic Assessments and Sustainable Expert, European Environment Agency (EEA)
  • Michael Grubb, Professor of Energy and Climate Change & Research Director, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
  • Ann Pettifor, Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME), Author of the "The Case for the New Green Deal"

This event will take place remotely.

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The concept of the annual "Journée de l'Economie"

The conference

Since 2007, the "Journée de l'Economie" has been organised every year, assembling a community of entrepreneurs, leaders, institutional administrators, politicians and decision-makers from Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

This conference presents an opportunity to take stock of the economic situation and contemplate ways to boost the development of businesses in Luxembourg and the Greater Region through open discussions.

Over the years, this conference has come to constitute one of the key events of Luxembourg's corporate agenda. This fifteenth edition of the Journée de l’économie will debate some critical issues linked more specifically with the environmental transition embedded in the push towards a more sustainable future.

The collaborators

The success of the "Journée de l'Economie" is to a large degree due to the dedicated involvement of its three main organisers: the Ministry of Economy via the Luxembourg Competitiveness Observatory, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and FEDIL - The Voice of Luxembourg's Industry. The contribution of private collaborators such as PwC Luxembourg has also considerably contributed to the conference's distinction and renown.

Under the patronage of:

Ministère de l'Economie


In collaboration with:

PwC  Luxembourg

Conference organised by:

Observatoire de la CompétitivitéChambre de Commerce LuxembourgFedil


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